Calling all PACE Alumni

PACE Facilitator Ms. Lawrence has started a PACE alumni database! She writes...


One of my goals was to establish an easy and systematic way for Poly PACE alumni to participate and connect with the current programs and projects. We created a form to gather initial information, including what level of follow up alumni were interested in, if they wanted to write a brief PACE bio, if they wanted to come back to the school as a guest speaker, etc. The response so far has been astonishing. We have had alumni from as far back as 1978 fill out the survey. So far, over 90% of respondents are interested in giving back to the Poly PACE community in a meaningful way.


We know that our students truly embody the motto “Enter to Learn, Go forth to serve” and this response makes that concrete for me.


At the same time, PACE Parents have been organizing opportunities for alumni to connect and support the program as well. We look forward to strengthening the bonds of the Poly PACE community, regardless of the last time you followed the rabbit tracks in from the Main Entrance.


If you are a Jackrabbit who wants to give back or know a Jackrabbit who might be interested, please feel free to fill out the form or pass it along to other alumni.


When we can see connections between what we are doing today and where we can be tomorrow, a lot of things come into perspective.


Please find the form at this URL or just scan the code below.

scan code.png